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  • Val d’Aran is an area in Catalonia that was largely isolated until 1948 when a tunnel was built through the mountain, linking it to the rest of Spain. Today it still maintains its own strong sense of identity, with its own culture, cuisine and language (Aranese). Be ready for the good snow, whine and food experience.


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Iraitz Ezkergain

Iraitz made the mountains his temple, where he finds the well-being, freedom and self-awareness, religion almost forgotten. He likes to share and teach to feel the silence and power of nature. La Grave,

Norway, Val d'Aran ... Places where he has lived for years; the truth is Iraitz does not hesitate to use the excuse of skiing to know different countries and cultures.

  • Who I am?

    Iraitz Ezkergain grew up in San Sebastian, Basque Country, (Spain). He is an AEGM guide and a passionate climber and skier. He learned to climb in the Pyrennes mountain chain, where he works as guide when he is at home and Andorra, Baqueira, Formigal is his playgrounds.

  • Since....

    From 2009 to 2015 he has been a SKIBUM in La Grave, French alps, were he has opened some new ski lines. After 7 years of guiding in Norway, he knows the terrain Lofoten well, he has also been ski guiding in the Lyngen Alps, Senja and Tromso. Also in other countries like Japan, Iceland, Moroco.

  • Summer?

    In the summer time he works guiding alpine&rock climbing in Lofoten and the Stetind area. Iraitz has been on the summit of Norway’s beautiful national mountain Stetind more that 120 times!

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