Trip11 days

The aim is to ski deep powder in the beautiful wilderness of central Hokkaido, like Asahi Dake, Tokachi Dake, Furano, …

Central Hokaido, Japan


Trip8 days

The Atlas Mountains, the Atlas massif or simply Atlas is a mountain system that runs, along 2,400 km, northwest Africa.



Trip8 days
WhenApril / May

Siglufjörður is a small fishing town, north of Iceland, in a narrow fjord with the same name on the northern coast of Iceland.


Norway Lofoten

Trip8 days
WhenMarch/ April

Lofoten is an archipelago located on the west coast of Norway, north of the Arctic Circle. The main islands are Moskenesoya, Flakstadoya, Vestvagoya, Gimsoya and Austvagoya.

Lofoten, Noruega

Norway Lyngen

Trip8 days
WhenMarch / April

Lyngen Alps is the name of the region that is located on the Lyngen Peninsula that has 1,500 square km.

Lyngen, Noruega

Norway Senja

Trip8 days
WhenMarch / April

Senja area is near the city, called Narvik. Let's say that if we take the map we would see it between Tromso and the Lofoten Islands, the highest peak is almost 1000m.

Senja, Noruega


Trip1 to 7 days
WhenDecember / January

Val d’Aran is an area in Catalonia that was largely isolated until 1948 when a tunnel was built through the mountain, linking it to the rest of Spain.

Baqueira, Spain

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